Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gist of the budget…

Firstly it has been copied from the Rueters India
Secondly the update is in the article below this one...
* "Conditions in the year ahead are not likely to be normal and, therefore, the high fiscal deficit is inevitable. We will return to (fiscal) targets once the economy is restored to its recent trend growth path."
* "Extraordinary economic circumstances merit extraordinary measures. Now is the time for such measures.
"Our government decided to relax FRBM (Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act) targets in order to provide much needed demand boost to counter the situation created by the global financial meltdown.
"Indeed, depending on the response of the domestic economy and the revival of the global economy, there may be a need to consider additional fiscal measures when the regular budget is presented by the new government after the elections.
" However, the medium term objective must be to revert to the path of fiscal consolidation at the earliest."
* "Since the scope for revenue mobilisation is bound to be limited in a period of economic slowdown, any increase in plan expenditure will increase the fiscal deficit.
"Indeed, we may have to consider additional plan expenditure of anything from 0.5 percent to 1.0 percent of the GDP and gear up our systems accordingly."
* "The recent developments have also brought out the need for accelerating the pace of policy reforms, including in the financial sector, to make the economy more competitive.
"The economic regulatory and oversight systems have to be made more efficient and effective to bring the economy back to the 9 percent growth path at the earliest."
* Total expenditure seen at 9.532 trillion rupees ($195 billion)
* Plan expenditure seen at 2.851 trillion rupees
* Non-plan expenditure seen at 6.681 trillion rupees
* Defence allocation increased to 1.417 trillion rupees
* Food, fertilizer and petroleum subsidies seen at 955.79 billion rupees.
* Gross budgetary support seen at 2.85 trillion rupees
* Total tax receipts, at current taxation levels, seen at 6.713 trillion rupees
* Net tax revenue seen at 5 trillion rupees
* Corporate tax receipts seen at 2.44 trillion rupees
* Income tax receipts seen at 1.35 trillion rupees
* Excise receipts seen at 1.11 trillion rupees
* Customs duty receipts seen at 1.10 trillion rupees
* Tax-to-GDP ration estimated at 11.1 percent, rising to 14.4 percent in 2010/11 and 15 percent in 2011/12
* Revenue expenditure seen at 8.481 trillion rupees
* Revenue deficit seen at 4 percent of GDP. Hopes to wipe out revenue deficit by 2010/11
* Fiscal deficit seen at 5.5 percent of GDP.
* Gross market borrowing seen at 3.62 trillion rupees
* Net market borrowing seen at 3.09 trillion rupees
* Expects to raise 11.2 billion rupees from stake sales
* Profits, dividends from state-run firms seen at 369.85 billion rupees
* Extends interest subsidy of 2 percent on pre- and post-shipment credit for textiles, carpets, leather, gem & jewellery, marine products and small and medium enterprises, till Sept. 30, 2009
* To recapitalise public sector banks over next two years to help maintain capital to risk weighted assets ratio (CRAR) of 12 percent
* To continue providing farmers interest subsidy for short-term crop loans upto 300,000 rupees at 7 percent per year
* Social security nets need to be strengthened.
* Rural job schemes to get 301 billion rupees in 2009/10.
* Rural health spending 120.7 billion rupees.
* Midday meals scheme for schools to cost 80 billion rupees.
* Urban renewal spending in 2009/10 at 118.4 billion rupees.
* Rural sanitation spending seen at 12 billion rupees for next financial year.
REVIEW OF 2008/09:
* Economy seen growing at 7.1 pct
* Fiscal deficit seen at 6 pct of GDP against previously targeted 2.5 pct
* Revenue deficit seen at 4.4 pct of GDP against previously targeted 1 pct
* April-November 2008 foreign direct investment up an annual 45 percent at $23.3 billion
* Total expenditure seen higher at 9.010 trillion from earlier estimate of 7.509 trillion
* Plan expenditure seen higher at 2.830 trillion from earlier estimate of 2.434 trillion
* Non-tax revenue seen higher at 962.03 billion rupees from previous estimate of 957.85 billion rupees
* Tax collections seen lower at 6.279 tillion rupees from previous estimate of 6.877 trillion rupees. Shortfall on fiscal measures taken to counter impact of the global slowdown on the Indian economy
* Revenue deficit seen higher at 4.4 percent of GDP, from earlier target of 1 percent of GDP
* Fiscal deficit seen rising to 6 percent of GDP, from earlier target 2.5 percent of GDP
* Outlook for foodgrain production encouraging despite high base of 230 million tonnes produced in 2007/08, on normal rainfall
* Weathered the crisis of inflation, but no room for complacency
* Foreign direct investment into India rose an annual 45 percent to $23.3 billion between April and November 2008
* Total debt waiver and debt relief so far amounting to 653 billion rupees, covering 360 million farmers
* National Investment Fund corpus at 18.15 billion rupees as of Dec. 31, 2008
* Non-performing assets of public sector banks down to 2.3 percent as on March 31, 2008



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