Friday, May 16, 2008

Ass ????

As expected the markets made an ass out of me. Against my all logic and perhaps the logic of a lot of others. the markets went up and then up and then continued up. The dip inbetween was to confuse people like me into thinking that our short are great and we have done well.
The US markets opened weak and the are now all 0.5% or more up. Just do not know what to make out of all this.
Anyway -- there is a large - confident candle on nifty today and if this is any indication we will open gap up for sure. Which way are the indexes going -- well there is still a talk of remaining at an arms length from the markets because if you cannot afford to track it minute to minute -- then anything can happen in a very very short span of time.
The weekend is around the corner and these are the times that no one really wants to carry their longs overnight -- forget longs for a weekend -- so ? expect some profitbooking be all who have made some quick buck this week.
My score? well just a little above the breakeven line and why? because mostly i did not trust myself and some because thursday -- the shorts especially in tcs just did not work.
See all of you tomorrow.