Monday, May 26, 2008


That is where the bulls are. Rather I would like to put it this way -- this is where I am. And as I say this all the indicators possible have now clearly changed to bearish and like will be said on so many sites - and will be shouted by so many idiot boxes -- it is THREE BLACK CROW PATTERN now and that spells further doom. The markets with this now should definitely test 4785 Nifty.

Does the fall stop there? well it should have a breather -- small white candles for a day or so but in near term should continue its journey downward. Beyond this it has smart support at 4629 and it would be best that we do not try to crystal gaze beyond that.

Let me show you hope -- TRIX is still above the middle marker and with yesterday's onslaught still hovers above middle line.

TRIN says it is overbought (courtesy jaggu dada).

Lastly StochRSI is in dead zone and cannot be kept there for so long. And expiry being just another two days away -- may see a sharp bounce back.

My say for the day? -- we may open in green and remain green -- beyond that you can already see me hanging above LOL

Long live the Bulls -- the bulls are dead



geniusjaggu said...

arre mian,
it look like bulls have been badly burnt much,they started having rancour towards bears(which is endangered species!!)

i(bear) dont expect this kind of treatment from my fellow bulls..ROFL..