Sunday, May 11, 2008


To all who make an effort to visit the site. I started with this blog expecting that I will do well and like always just did not have time to update it. I never knew that blogging takes so much time and effort.
Anyways - the effort continues.....
Today I would like to talk about or better write about a site where there are some of the best tutorial available on technical analysis. This site is called informed trades and is maintained by David waring. He gives his tutorial as small downloadable videos. The videos are well compiled and the entire text and the graphs used in videos are available in addition to the videos themselfs.
Okay being in our country -- where bandwidth costs more than an average individual makes money on markets ;-)........ means that visiting this site often for same tutorial can be painful.
Next what i would suggest is that use a small plug in available for firefox called Video DownloadHelper and download the videos.
Now to the next part -- playing the videos. on utube they will play without any supporting software but for ofline -- downloaded videos i suggest you download vlc player and install it. After you install it right click the downloaded file and select open with -- then point to the vlc player.
There -- you have one of the best tutorials where you do not have to read the text learining stocks.
Hope that it is useful.
The links to the sites / software i mentioned above are: -
Informed Trades
Video Download Helper
VLC player