Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Market Behavior -- likely to make a fool of us all

The world we live in is crazy to be sure. Is the market on its way to recovery?
Well with the global indications along with the crude going down seems so. How far and how long it will be true is anybody's guess.
The industrial production going down will affect? yes likely.
Then how do the candlesticks see the markets today?
Well yesterday the market made a candlestick formation that is not exactly a sign of reversal.
The pattern formed is called a thursting pattern and for the recovery to happen I would have loved the closing price to be 5028 on nifty. Under the influence of the world markets the market may open gap up or go upwards but may close in red. Crazy -- that i have to give a bearish outlook on a perfectly bullish day. Well then that's what life is all about and that's what the candles say.

Be carefull -- the markets can swing down.



geniusjaggu said...

arre mian,
here is the proof tat polar bear jaggu visited ur blog... ab koi sakh!!

yours polar bear,

Uma said...

I agree Cheema, market doesn't want us to see the easy money. I think Reliance is headed to 2400.