Monday, October 13, 2008

Unfair Trade Practices......

0631 hrs 14 Oct 08: Dow, Nasdaq and S&P up 11%. So we do have another day of a ball. Nikkei trading 11.39% up at the moment. Enjoy!

13 Oct 08:I have to define it as such as the day I was busy with the test - everyone decided to leave me and have a party! This was not unexpected though - every passing day we were going deep down in the oversold territory. Had the global compulsions not been there - this momentum of the fall would have been arrested a long time back - but alas - that was not to be so and we fell and fell and fell... Well the recovery is all well and once again will be supported with the global cues - but the question that will remain now is - will we sustain it? If yes then for how long? If no then when? Okay I will try to deal with all as they come along - see - the bitterness remains - the opinion is almost unanimous - we will visit these levels again and not too far in the future.

As I stare at the yahoo finance home page and press refresh again and again - a good eye soothing green greets me. Nikkei seems to be closed as it only yells the red of its closing past week. Hang Seng was up an unbelievable 10.24% - 1,515 points up. Strait Times was up 6.57%. Perhaps Asia had smelled the bear blood on the streets - Europe too echo the same sentiments with FTSE up 4.59%, Dax 7.4% and Cac at 6.44% in green. They are not really at their peaks but then I feel they will look over the hill for the US to open. There has been eight straight sessions of Dow stumbling down and as a percussor to the opening the Dow futures are now 350 points in green. All in all we can assume a small run up before deciding the direction it has to settle to in the coming term.

Well to the candles now. The body of the white candle is almost of the exact size of the black candle of the black friday (read last week closing Friday). Bollinger Bands are of the same width and hints at the continuation of the trend. The 5EMA still trails well below the Blue line and will take time before it faces up again to take on the blue line. The volumes were nothing great to talk about - lower than that of friday. MACD divergence has reduced a bit and the line are still - red below the blue. mass index line is way above the 27 point - short of the 28 marker. On the Slow Stochastics the red line has crossed over above the blue line and have come out of the oversold zone with the blue line trying to do the same - Slow Stochastic says buy. TRIX is still looking down. RSI has come out of its oversold hiding and looks up.

The talk so many days the the action being taken by all the governments against the recession has seemed to payed in the immediate future - but the sharks lurk around the corner. The talk on the street is that we have just seen the demonstration of financial institutions going down - the news to follow some time later is the industry - production and related going in dumps - it will be fireworks of a life time to see. Don't start waiting for it tomorrow onwards - it may take time.

What helps us is the crude that is below the 81 $ per barrel. The collective will of the world to fight this recession and the results season ahead of us. Just by the way - these are not the times to look at the charts or the fundamentals. The fear playing in everyone's mind is just too much. Close your eyes - pray to GOD, listen to your soul - and flick the coin to take a buy/sell decision. It will work. Pray that all have a ball of a time in this run up.

Best of luck - and Oh! I am a bit free - just 4 more days to go.



Uma said...

Guess what, US treasury taking longs in banking stocks!! lol

S S Cheema said...

I know - but does not speak about the troubles unspoken?

Uma said...

haha, there are no unspoken troubles, all are widely spoken :D

by da way, did u hear of my AxisBank short at 700? ;) Covered part at 640, now just watching :D

Uma said...

YooHoo! 8000+ off my Axis short!

Amit said...

Sir, What your comments on Inverted Hammer.

S S Cheema said...

Amit - It seems like a shooting star to me.