Sunday, October 12, 2008


Dear Bloggers,
I will not be able to update regularly next week as I have my examinations and my Night Flying Phase is going on. I will try to update my blog off and on. Please do bear with me - and hope that the markets recover somewhat from the times we are in now.
Ofcourse - also wish me luck that I do not flunk in my examinations.



Amitbhai said...

“Believe where others doubt. Work where others refuse. Save where others waste. Stay where others quit. Dare to be different. Be a winner !!”

All the best.

Uma said...

All the best, u will go great I know!

S S Cheema said...

Thanks a ton - Uma and Amitbhai

geniusjaggu said...

cheema paji,
wish u goodluck...may u get GOLD MEDAL in exams.. :)

Uma said...

there ya go! bulls finally came looking for you. And my Axisbank party is ruined lol.
Now I'm in ICICIBank straddle (but I don't recommend it)

CA 420 + PA 420

I think this one won't yield much expiry profits, I'll need to watch it for a favorable exit.

Uma said...

cheema: I think now your longs are going to pay off! Keep SL at Nifty level 3200 and go for it! :D
Yahoo! I got outta my Axis puts right on time lol.

Uma said...

cheema, I say your beloved RCOM looks fabulous! go for hedged long!